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 Feedback Forum

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Welcome to the Feedback Forum
The Feedback Forum is the place to learn about your trading partners, view their reputations, and express your opinions by leaving feedback on your transactions. Such buyer-to-dealer comments help the millions of buyers and sellers in the community build trust and share their trading experiences with others.
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How to use the Feedback Forum
Every TransportYellowPages dealer has a profile in the Feedback Forum. A profile has basic information about the dealer and a list of feedback left by their trading partners from previous transactions. Learning to trust a dealer of the community has a lot to do with what their past customers have to say!

Each feedback left consists of a normal, good, or bad rating, and a short comment. Leaving honest comments about a particular TransportYellowPages dealer gives other buyers a good idea of what to expect when dealing with that dealer. Once it is left, the feedback becomes a permanent part of the dealer's profile.
Feedback scores and stars
Feedback ratings are used to determine each dealer's feedback score. A good rating adds 1 to the score, a bad rating decreases it by 1, and a normal rating has no impact. The higher the feedback score, the more positive ratings they've received from buyers. However, a buyer can increase or decrease a dealer's score by only 1 no matter how many transactions they share.

The feedback score and the corresponding feedback star is shown next to the every dealer's name. The star is your symbol of trust and experience in the TransportYellowPages community.

The "Score vs Star" chart is given below :-
 Rating  Star  Description
Poor Feedbacks give a poor score
Neutral Not enough feedbacks or a neutral score
Bronze A few feedbacks & a positive score
Silver Numerous feedbacks & a good score
Gold Lots of feedbacks & a great score

 Tip: In most cases, a high feedback score is a good sign, but you should always check a dealer's profile to read comments and look for negative remarks.

To view a dealer's rating and the feedback left by the buyers, click on Dealer Search to search for a dealer.