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Dealers:  13225  -  182  countries 
Vehicles:  41112  -  42  countries 
Exporters:  825  -  58  countries 
Jobs:  9629  -  7  countries 
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Transport Directory

Trucking made easy

Welcome to TransportYellowPages your global transport industry portal. We have over 90,000 transport service companies globally, who can assist you in every area of your business. Whether you are a logistics company, used trucks dealer, trucking company or a transport recruitment company, we are a one stop shop for all your needs.

Find new and used trucks

Use TransportYellowPages to find new and used trucks, vans, trailers, tractor units, buses, coaches, plant & machinery, tankers, tippers, and many other commercial vehicles using over 11,000 dealers worldwide. Receive peace of mind when purchasing used trucks, as TransportYellowPages will help you find and contact local vehicle inspectors and escrow services. Your transactions will be swift and hassle free. Also take advantage of TransportYellowPages's buyer & seller rating and feedback system, this allows customers and suppliers to leave positive and negative comments in relation to a particular business transaction.

Online auctions

TransportYellowPages's online auction service will allow any dealer or individual wishing to sell a commercial vehicle by auction to do so. Auctions have many benefits and attract a high number of potential purchasers. You can have confidence in you bidding and selling by using our customer rating and feedback system.

Find exporters to export your used trucks

TransportYellowPages has over 700 truck exporters globally to help you export your used trucks and commercial vehicles all over the world. You simply locate the exporter you wish to use using our Google maps and then find the dealers selling commercial vehicles near them. There is no longer a need for a potential buyer to fly to a foreign country searching for a suitable used truck or used trailer, which cost unnecessary time and money.

Find driving jobs and other vacancies

We can also assist those looking for employment, particularly truck drivers, we have over 400 recruitment agencies to help find driver jobs, courier jobs, HGV driver jobs and other vacancies within the transport industry including many managerial roles. Whether you are a trucking, logistic or haulage Company with one job vacancy or a recruitment company with 100 job vacancies, TransportYellowPages jobs page is the best platform for you to display them.

Find freight contracts and returnloads

TransportYellowPages has created a freight exchange network as part of our one stop shop for the transport industry. It enables freight forwarding companies, clearing houses, logistic companies, trucking companies, haulage companies, and other transportation companies to advertise and place loads, freight and cargo on our site, it also enables these companies to obtain contracts themselves. Smaller hauliers and owner drivers will also be able to benefit from this service to help them find last minute returnloads or even new contracts.

Services to the transport industry & quotation system

We have over 9,500 service companies alone who offer various services to the transport industry. These services may include insurance cover, fleet tracking, fuel dump, tyres, vehicle repairs, truck parts, breakdown cover, servicing, and many others. All these services can not only be found on our site, but TransportYellowPages will help you shop around and find the best price for the item or service you are seeking. This is made possible through TransportYellowPages's unique 'get a quote' system, which enables you to receive and manage a number of quotes on various products. TransportYellowPages has incorporated Google maps into this system to enable people to find transport services companies locally and globally.

transport directory

transport directory has over 90,000 transport companies listed, you can locate any type of transport service needed to support your business in any country. It is linked to Google maps, proximity searching and a quotation system.
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