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Import & export quotation system

Find a commercial vehicle exporter

TransportYellowPages has provided a solution to customers wanting to buy used commercial vehicles overseas who are having problems exporting used trucks or importing used trucks into the respective country. Problems arise because of the restrictions governments place against exporting and importing commercial vehicles.
If you are a company looking to have trucks and other vehicles exported or imported our solution to you is simple, we provide an export quotation system that is targeted at used vehicle exporters. Our data base will let you find and contact multiple exporters to your country. We currently have 700 exporters in 53 countries; we also have 11,000 vehicle dealers.

Find a used truck dealer

You simply locate the exporter you wish to use using our Google maps and then find the dealers selling used trucks near them.
The whole system has been put in place to cater for the need to export and import used trucks and commercial vehicles to Africa, Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe, or in fact any part of the world.
By using TransportYellowPages there is no longer a need for a potential buyer to fly to a foreign country searching for a suitable used truck or used trailer, which cost unnecessary money and time. Instead you can achieve the same goal in 4 easy steps online.
1) Find a used truck exporter who exports to your country using TransportYellowPages and it's Google map locator
2) Once you've found a truck exporter search for truck dealers in the same area by using Google map locator and its proximity search. Also use TransportYellowPages's buyer & seller rating and feedback system to clarify the dealer has a good reputation.
3) When a suitable used truck is found, use TransportYellowPages to find and contact an inspector who can give you a report on the condition of the vehicle.
4) Once the purchaser is satisfied, use TransportYellowPages to find and contact an escrow service to enable swift hassle free transactions.

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